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HD Gear Spacer and Washer; Spacer and washer

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This heavy duty gear spacer and washer are used between 3rd and 4th gear in the swing axle transmission.

Bug (Type 1): 61-66
Bus (Type 2): 60-66
Type 3: 64-66
Ghia (Type 4): 61-66
Race/Off-Road: 61-66

Mainshaft Bearing Thrust Plate

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This steel thrust plate stops movement of the main shaft bearing and aids in the keepin the alignment of the gears on the main and pinion shafts.

Bus (Type 2): 68-79
Race/Off-Road: T2,68-79

Trans Adapter

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This steel conversion mount enables you to install a later style full syncro trans in your 1959 and earlier model Bus or Truck..

Bus (Type 2): -58

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