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Accelerator Pedal Pivot

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This will replace a worn out pivot for the stock accelerator assembly, to replace this pivot you will have to remove the whole pedal assembly.Make sure you use some white grease on the pin where it mounts to the pedal to insure that it lasts longer..

Bug (Type 1): 66-
Type 3: 66-
Ghia (Type 4): 66-
Thing (Type 5): 73-74
Race/Off-Road: 66-

Clutch & Throttle Tube Boot

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This boot goes in the pan to encase the throttle and clutch tubes that come out of the pan.

Bug (Type 1): 58-79
Type 3: KG,58-74
Ghia (Type 4): T3,61-74
Thing (Type 5): 73-74
Race/Off-Road: 58-

Clutch Cable Boot

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The clutch cable boot goes over the end of the bowden tube where the cable moves in and out.

Bug (Type 1): All
Bus (Type 2): All
Type 3: All
Ghia (Type 4): All
Thing (Type 5): All
Race/Off-Road: All

Clutch Cable Sleeve (Bowden Tube)

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This tube goes from the metal tube coming out of the tunnel to the bracket on the transmission.

Bug (Type 1): 72-73
Bus (Type 2): 68-79
Ghia (Type 4): 72-73
Thing (Type 5): 73-74
Race/Off-Road: 72-73


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